Reuterwald Art & Creative is a exclusive and independent Stockholm based creative studio working with concept, advertising, branding for fashion, editorial, retail and lifestyle clients. We emerged from a conclusion, a simple revelation that every piece of excellent communication derive from three pillars. A trinity of heart, head and crouch.

With extensive experience of building and defining brands we focus on our trademark, precise visual expression. Creating aspiring, dynamic, beautiful and lasting solutions through advertising, packaging and design in print and digital media.

With a background as one of Europes most influential stylist as well as the Creative Director and Fashion Director of Plaza Magazine Peter Reuterwald has a wast experience of the fashion, publishing and lifestyle industry. In 2009 he founded Reuterwald Art & Creative with a clear vision of a vibrant and  dynamic studio, working close with its clients and their evolvement.

By actively strategizing and managing every facet of their growth and development for the client, Reuterwald Art & Creative has a proven abiltiy to strengthen the brand and brand awareness.

A friend and colleague helping brands to go from good to great.

Creativity now have an adress.